Salinarelax “Pedra de Lume”
In the coming years the largest and most fascinating wellness oasis of Africa will be built in Pedra de Lume, in the east of the island of Sal, under the open sky in a crater bed of an extinct volcano.

The crater bed, which has a diameter of approx. 1 km, is below sea-level.

On account of the porous rock which makes up the crater ground and the volcanic caldera, seawater penetrates the rock and floods the crater bed. The evaporated water leaves behind a thick layer of salt, which is removed and processed on location to table salt. Almost the entire area of the crater bed is covered with a seawater basin which is knee-deep and has a salt content 25 times higher than that of the Atlantic Ocean. Initial therapy is already being applied here by qualified staff.

In the near future the natural Wellness Oasis is to become one of the most magnificent natural parks in the Atlantic. As of 2010 the park will be complemented by the first golf course on the island of Sal with a charming Golf Resort Hotel, a marina with 80 berths, and an expansive, top quality residence park designed in a holiday village style (refer to: www.pedradelume.com)
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