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The Cape Verde Islands build a small country that has developed a high rate of tolerance in dealing with its visitors and thus, is free of prejudices or resentments. The inhabitants having hardly seen or undergone any form of change despite the growing amount of visitors in recent years. Customs and lifestyle are fully intact on most of the islands and the warm hospitality can be felt all around.

Cape Verde is a country for alternative vacationers, sun worshippers and die-hard individualists. Its fascinating contrasts and its grand nature are its greatest assets. Neither mundane nor spectacular things await the tourist. As opposed to our over-civilized world, the people of Cape Verde live in worthy humbleness and in a constant battle with the elemental forces of nature.

Whoever ventures to Cape Verde should keep this in mind and try to approach the islands in a "soft" and "unconditional" manner. Only those who travel to this country with an open mind will be able to experience the best that the natural beauty and lifestyle have to offer.
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