Crioula Clubhotel & Resort
Cabo Verde - Ilha do Sal
Welcome to the 4 Star Crioula Clubhotel & Resort, the charming holiday hotel on the bright, huge and fine-sanded dune beach of Santa Maria in the south of the desert island, Ilha do Sal.

The holiday resort, built in single-storey construction, is surrounded by a 12,000 m² park with sub-tropical vegetation. The elegant Club and Resort Hotel offers its guests a pleasant and relaxing holiday in the midst of an enchanting holiday oasis in which the impressive ambience and relaxed atmosphere quickly enables you to put everyday life at home behind you.

The enormous beach, almost 10 km long, and the crystal clear, turquoise-blue water of the Atlantic dominate the scenic holiday atmosphere, and every guest simply drifts into a dream-world. When looking for eternal summer, the island of Sal has an even, mild and balanced climate the whole year round, and is a true paradise for all ‚beach freaks’ who long for sun, wind and the sea, and pleasant air and water temperatures.

The island located at the Tropic of Cancer has practically no humidity. The dry climate with its pleasant winds and ideal temperatures, which never dip below 22 ° C during the day and are rarely above 30 °C, make the Island of Sal a favourite destination for all those who wish to forget the long, dismal and grey winter months in Europe, at least for a short period, and enjoy life under the African sun.

Guests & Hotel language: International guests, mainly from countries of the European Union Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, German, French.
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