Looking for adventure, off-road tours and sand-dune action?
Our ‘adventure’ excursion programme offers just that. In jeeps, pick-ups and an off-road truck (Super Trek) that can hardly be described as brand new, we travel across the few paved roads and many natural tracks, sand and rubble routes of the desert island.

Discover this seemingly barren island, parched by the heat and winds, more closely. The bizarre lunar landscape which characterizes the island alternates with sandy beaches and dune formations stretching for miles, and the waves of the Atlantic appear to flow into nowhere. Dust and aridity will accompany you on our tours around the island, as well as unique coastal areas with turquoise-blue, crystal clear water you will find hardly anywhere else on earth.

Fun and action awaits those who decide to take a quad tour along the beaches through the undulating dunes. The four-wheel motor bike with its extra-wide tyres pushes the adrenalin. If you’ve been in the seat of one of these racy four-wheelers, you know the meaning of ‚pure adventure’.
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