The responsibility of managing a company that bears the family name has always spurred us on to go beyond the usual entrepreneurial approach.
Stefanina was set up in the early 1970s as a company specialising in the development of electrical systems for industry. The staff members' capacity for analytical thinking, alongside the growth of the market during that period, enabled the company to develop rapidly and to enter the world of real estate, before going on to set up new businesses dedicated to construction and engineering.

Having realised the market potential, Sig. Stefanina began to mould a group that would have what it takes to fulfil, first and foremost, its own technical and manufacturing requirements, in order to rise to the challenges of the domestic market with greater force and competitiveness, with a view to leveraging its expertise, over the longer term, on larger-scale projects in the international arena and in particular in the Cape Verde archipelago.

Today, the group is active in various sectors, from tourism – through its dedicated tour operator, CaboVerdeTime, and the hotels it owns – to real estate and food processing.
The Cape Verde Project

This group is the result of a complex history. Having been the first to invest in the wonderful islands of Cape Verde, in the early 1990s, we decided not to limit ourselves to simply setting up our businesses there – rather, by entering into contact with the local population and authorities, we developed a synergy-based approach that makes the most of the combination of our two cultures.

This is a project that, since it began, has seen the African archipelago transformed into a flourishing centre for tourism. All of this was achieved thanks not only to the group's technical capacity, but also to our unflagging respect for the local culture and tradition. In light of our increasingly solid and trusting relationship with the country, we started developing new industrial operations that focused both on the progressive growth of the group and on helping to boost the country's economic independence. These days, the group's operations encompass everything from the construction and real estate industries to transport. We were heavily involved in the regeneration of an ancient saltmine, helping to create a business that is now considered not only a great success but also a crucial part of the natural heritage of Cape Verde. Currently, our attention is geared towards the food-processing sector, with initial projects to develop a brewery and a bakery to be followed by numerous other initiatives.
“The responsibility of managing a company that bears the family name has always spurred us on to go beyond the usual entrepreneurial approach. While we have continued to develop new projects, our in-depth research has never taken us away from the values and spirit with which we set out on this adventure in the early 1970s”.

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