Pedra de Lume

The Jewel of Stefanina Group, Pedra de Lume Marina and Golf Resort is a small town composed of two macro phases.

A team of Architects and Engineers is actually studying the new project of the first phase.
There are extraordinary features to be mentioned about this new development: first of all the construction will be conceived using bio-architecture and all the fonts of power involved will be realized with alternative energy installation (e.g. Solar Panels for heating water and accumulating energy, wind powered installation to produce energy and desalinate water).
Another very interesting feature is that every unit will have these equipments for itself been independent and always functional even if would be the only property occupied within the all development. Basically the development will be 100% eco-sustainable.
There will be the maximum effort to keep all cars outside of the Resort, providing electric powered mini-buses to move around and electric powered bicycles.
All the works including roads will be realized with the maximum effort to have the least environmental impact.

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