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In his book "The Silent World", the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau describes the diving area around the Cape Verde Islands as an ‚overwhelming experience’. The diving areas on Sal and Boavista are especially varied, also with regard to depths.

Geologically the magnificent and unusual surface structure of the islands continues under the sea. Volcanic rock formations, caves, grottos, crevices and coral reefs covered in yellow tube corals, characterize the diving experience with its underwater flora and fauna. The best diving season is between April and November when the water is more transparent on account of less intensive currents.

The best areas to dive on Sal are: Choclassa – beautiful deep-sea diving with many crevices, Bero Preto – offshore reef plateau with overhanging rock, Lost Anchor – reef decline with canyon, Vienna Reef – outer reef with large coral block, Grottos near Palmeira – an enclosed grotto system, Buracona- Cave – huge cave with sunlit interior, Trés grutas – closed grottos with schooling fish, crayfish, skate and turtles.

There are many good, professional diving schools on Sal, one of them has a pressure chamber.

Reservations: On request we accept course reservations on the account of the diving schools and rent diving equipment and material at
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