Crioula Clubhotel & Resort
The CRIOULA Clubhotel sees itself as a holiday hotel with a friendly, charming and relaxed atmosphere, a wide variety of sports to enjoy, and programmes which help you find out more about the island and its inhabitants, a small wellness oasis within the hotel premises with treatment which make special use of the healing power of sea salt, a range of games and handicraft activities, and with an excellent cuisine serving culinary highlights.

Our hotel concept is based on criteria of traditional hotel business, whereby individuality and privacy on the one hand and relaxed group events and action on the other can complement each other. We understand entertainment as being communication and dialogue, rather than the result of perfect show performances. Our stage is the unique desert island kissed by the sun, and our actors are the colourful variety of people who have come together here for a short time.
Children are very welcome in our hotel and meet at the „Dwarfs Club" to spend time away from their parents.
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