Crioula Clubhotel & Resort
The Crioula Clubhotel & Resort is located directly on the beach of Santa Maria, which stretches for many kilometres, only about 2 km from the centre of the small fishing village. The hotel premises border directly on the sandy beach, which is around 250 m wide.

Santa Maria has experienced a stormy development. Years ago there was extreme poverty, and people emigrated in droves, but today tourism is flourishing, and this has transformed the former little nest into a lively, colourful small town, and has brought about immense change particularly for the local villagers.
The large number of immigrants from other islands over the past 10 years, and also immigrants from West Africa and Europe, has led to the development of a multicultural society which has had a great impact on the character and way of life of the population.

The distance to the international airport, Amilcar Cabral, which can be reached via a 4-lane highway, is 12 km. The transfer time is 15 – 20 minutes.

The seat of administration of the island is in Espargos, a small town with 8,000 inhabitants, located just 2 km from the international airport, and which has been able to maintain its natural origins and traditions to a far greater extent than Santa Maria.
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