On the Cape Verde Islands, the world appears to be in good order. One doesn't have to go out on a limb to speak of the place at a peaceful democracy based on constitutional criteria that functions properly.

Religious and political fanaticism are not considered regular characteristics of the people of Cape Verde. However, the current increase in interest in travelling to the Cape Verde Islands and with that, the increase in visitors has led to a bit of a "micro-criminality", which however is still only in its early stages and is more of a sporadic phenomenon for tourists.

Targeted thefts and life-threatening situations are really very uncommon on the Cape Verde Islands. As with anywhere in the world, there are certain areas where tourists shouldn't venture to because danger lurks (areas with drugs and prostitution).

On the islands of Sal and Santiago, a tourist should avoid secluded area and shouldn't interact with or be persuaded by people that he/she doesn't know.

On Santo Antão, a visitor is treated very much like a holy "cow". Begging or daylight robbery haven't yet appeared as characteristics of the island's inhabitants. For this reason, the Cape Verde Islands are generally referred to as being a "safe" travel destination where physical aggressions against foreigners and tourist are very rare and the visitor will be welcomed by ideal conditions for moving about freely and independently.
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