Travelling tips

Those who visit the Cape Verde Islands will experience an ideal climate throughout the entire year. 350 Days of sun and temperatures almost constantly ranging between 20° and 30° C accompanied by a pleasant sea breeze make the Cape Verde Islands to one of the vacation destinations that make all travellers excited who are searching for places where summer is a year-round experience. As opposed to the Canaries, where the climate is very inconsistent during the winter months, the sun shines daily on the Cape Verde Islands, even from October to July during the "Season of wind". The Atlantic also tends to feature water temperatures and 22° and 27 ° C.

Travel tip: visitors should bring light clothing, except for Santo Antão, where at a height of over 1'500 m, nights can be a bit on the cool side. Otherwise, sun cream and head protection should not be forgot because the constantly blowing Harmattan winds can easily fool visitors into believing the UV rays are less powerful than they are.

Eating & Drinking
The Cape Verdean cuisine is based on simple, good traditional dishes that are prepared with the few materials and basic foods available on the islands. The Cape Verde cuisine is basically a less rich cuisine with its roots in both European and African dishes. Especially cherished are the stew dishes which most often feature corn, beans, beats, manioc and potatoes. Fish and meat dishes are offered in all preparatory variations in good restaurants on Sal, Santiago, Fogo and São Vicente. National dishes are the "cachupa" – a thick stew made of corn, beans, green bananas, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and tomatoes, refined with garlic, bay leafs and onions. For those who enjoy low-priced alcoholic pleasures, the Santo Antão "Grogue" made of sugar cane is a must.

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Travelling tips