To enter the Cape Verde Islands, European citizens require a VISA. Should you plan to conduct your trip there on your own accord, you must apply for a visa at the Cape Verde Honorary Consul in Liverpool. The issuing of the visa is generally quite easy and can be done per Internet. A passport does not need to be sent to the embassy/consulate. The visa is issued via E-mail or fax for a fee of €40 per person.

The validity of the visa for a one-time entry consists of 90 days. Extensions can be done on site at police stations. Please remember that your passport must have at least 6 months worth of validity when applying for a visa.

All guests who have booked an all-inclusive trip with an English travel agency generally receive the entry visa together with their travel documents. Please observe that entering the country must be done no more than 180 days after the visa is issued.

Consular representation of the Republic of the Cape Verde Island in the UK

Republic of the Cape Verde Islands Honorary Consul
18 - 20 Stanley Street
Liverpool L1 6 AF
Phone: 355 3651/ 355 36 78 0151 236 0206

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