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Day excursions to the sightseeing features of the island, of which there are not too many, but all of them well worth visiting. First we travel in convoy with a local guide to the village of Espargos, 7,000 inhabitants, near to the international airport, where the island’s government is located, and where you can see the real, original side of Sal. Palmeira, the small port of Sal, is just a stone’s throw from Espargos. We then follow the dusty road on to the Buracona Cave into which the sun shines vertically through a small opening, providing a magnificent view of the turquoise-blue sea.

The highlight of this tour across the brown lunar landscape of the island is Pedra de Lume. The salt-mine, which has been idle for many years, has a nostalgic-looking cable car from times gone by, and you can see wooden transport facilities in decay and rusty cables dangling in the wind.
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